NATSIC members

Senator Pat Dodson, announced at ALP National Conference 2018, that Labor will abolish CDP, replacing it with a program that creates jobs, meets community needs and deliver meaningful training and economic development, with proper wages and workplace conditions.

It will deliver community development as it should be, their program will go back to community control and direction, and of course will be worked through on the principle of co-design with First Nations Peoples.

This is huge win for the 33,000 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers who have been racially discriminated against through the Liberals CDP scheme for the last 3 years. The Liberals CDP is an appalling example of racial discrimination, worker exploitation and stolen wages.

CDP workers will celebrate the win achieved with Labor, but will continue the campaign through the 2019 federal election and beyond, ensuring their right to the dignity of work, equality of pay and conditions and the right to stay on country and work.

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