NDISQSC bargaining

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  • Bargaining meeting 5 February 2019 - update
  • Bargaining meeting 27 February 2019 - update
  • Concerns about pay over the Reduced Activity Period
  • Having a say in your workplace

The CPSU and independent staff representatives met with NDISQSC management on the 5 and 27 February for further bargaining meetings.

Bargaining meeting 5 February 2019

At this meeting it was agreed that there would be comparisons with other APS commissions/agencies as well as some state equivalents. The CPSU had also asked if the Commission if it would be given a special exemption on parts of the bargaining policy as staff had not negotiated or had a say on the Section 24 Determination.

Management advised representatives that the APSC would not grant any exemptions in this case. Management also talked through the November 2018 NDISQSC staff survey results however it was noted that from the approximately 60 staff in the Commission at that time - there were only 12 respondents to the survey.

Bargaining meeting 27 February 2019 

  • The NDISQSC management team responded in writing to elements of CPSU claim which are now being considered
  • The bargaining meeting provided an opportunity for the CPSU to query and discuss management’s initial response
  • Several matters were flagged for further discussion including;
    • consultative arrangements
    • workplace consultative committee
    • family and domestic violence leave and support
    • categories of employment
    • workplace health and safety
    • workloads
  • Management provided an initial comparative analysis of pay and conditions of comparable agencies in both Commonwealth and the NSW public sector
  • Bargaining reps will consider materials and do some further work before next meeting to further inform remuneration discussions
  • The CPSU reiterated its members views that a ‘package’ of pay and conditions were important and should not be seen in an either or context
  • The next meeting is yet to be confirmed, however it is expected to be held in a fortnight’s time

Your CPSU bargaining team consists of, Miriam Williamson, Vicky Gallagher, Arundhati Tandel and Purdy Lynch (on stand-by)

Concerns about pay over the Reduced Activity Period

On a separate matter, there have been some member enquiries about incorrect pay rates over the Christmas closedown period (or Reduced Activity Period). If you have any questions in relation to this management have advised the CPSU that they will be speaking to staff individually today and on Monday. If you have further questions after that meeting please get in touch with your local CPSU Delegate (Craig Upton or Purdy Lynch) or with Will Starritt. For more complex individual cases call the CPSU Help Desk on 1300 137 636.

Having a say in your workplace

Management regularly reminds the CPSU that it would like to see more staff involved in consultative committees at the Commission. If you would like to get more involved in either health and safety or shaping staff policies please get in touch with Will Starritt. The CPSU can give you some support in the role and we would like to see our members in the Commission having a say in the workplace especially outside of bargaining.

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