NIAA Bargaining Updates

Bargaining at NIAA has begun

Following our first bargaining meeting with NIAA yesterday, we are asking all members to endorse our CPSU Bargaining Claim so we can present it at the next meeting.

Vote to endorse our CPSU Bargaining Claim today

Your CPSU representatives are recommending you to vote to support the proposed CPSU bargaining claim for NIAA. Please check the bargaining claim and vote now here. The member endorsement vote will close at 12noon (EST) Monday 22 March.

Member participation matters

It is really important that every CPSU member has the opportunity to vote on the claim that we will be putting for a new pay and conditions agreement at NIAA. Having majority member support for the claim will give us more clout when we are negotiating with management.

What’s in the draft claim?

Your CPSU Bargaining Team has put together the draft claim that we will be serving on management. The claim is made up of what members told us were important in our bargaining survey and in our paid time meetings earlier this month. Things such as job security, a guaranteed pay rise, improved flexibility at work; mechanisms to address excess workload; access to a mentally healthy and safe workplace; genuine consultation and other enforceable conditions. If these things are important to you too then we ask you review and vote to endorse our claim today.

Help us win 

We know that under this government, bargaining will remain challenging as it doubles down on its approach to pay (currently capped at 1.7% (annual WPI for private sector, June quarter 2020)) and to unilaterally restrict bargaining. In contrast, CPSU members are part of a union-wide campaign against unfair policy and for a fair deal. To win we need more people to be members of your union. Ask a friend to join today to help us get the best agreement for NIAA staff.  

Questions or comments? 

Send your questions and feedback to our CPSU Bargaining team at