Pressure is building

Pressure is starting to build on the Turnbull government to scrap their terrible plan to privatise Visa Services, and all because of CPSU members! Become a member now and you too can put pressure on the Government to save Visa Services jobs.

CPSU members have been meeting with and writing to, their MPs and Senators urging them to speak out and oppose the dangerous and short-sighted privatisation - and it's working!

Because of the action taken by CPSU members, we have seen Anthony Albanese just this week take to social media opposing the privatisation of visa services and independent MP Andrew Wilkie write to the Prime Minister urging him to stop the privatisation and save jobs.

This is a great start but we need all our politicians to realise just how terrible this plan is – to do this we need you to join the CPSU.

Our members are making the difference in this fight to save jobs but they need your support so together we can prevent Visa Services from being handed over to a private for-profit company; thereby protecting the 3,000 jobs of your colleagues who currently deliver this incredibly important work.

The work you and your colleagues in Visa Services do is too important to the security of Australians to be handed over to a private, for-profit, potentially offshore, company. CPSU members have stopped the privatisation of public service jobs before and with you as a member we can do it again – so join now.