Privatisation report hits home

Our report into DHS privatisation, based on extensive member feedback and experiences, has been getting a lot of attention and support in the media, the community and on social media.

Media reports have been generating positive discussion and getting the attention of politicians.

Our Facebook posts highlighting the findings from the survey have been shared more than 100 times and been seen by thousands.

It’s clear that the report tells a clear and disturbing story about the impact that the Government’s attacks on DHS staffing and resourcing are having on workers and the community.

The report will continue to be used in our meetings with community supporters, cross-bench MPs and media engagement.  If you want to get involved with these activities, please speak with your delegate or organiser or email us.

The community is behind you

Community groups are continuing to support our campaign against job cuts, job insecurity and privatisation. 

This week in Nowra, NSW, a group of local pensioners held a protest outside the local Centrelink office to raise awareness of the issues and express their opposition to the Coalition Government’s attacks. 

Donations from community supporters have enabled us to put radio ads on the air. As donations continue to come in, we are now looking to air these in Queensland as well. 

If you haven’t yet seen them, check out the ads on Facebook or Youtube.

Media summary

In their own words – Centrelink staff reveal contractor woes, Fairfax News. 12 November 2018

Greens to push for release of Centrelink outsourcing report, Fairfax News. 13 November 2018

Centrelink’s privatised call centres disaster survey finds, Green Left Weekly. 15 November

Get involved

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