Provisional Improvement Notice forces management to take WHS seriously in Brisbane 

This week a WHS Provisional Improvement Notice was issued to Home Affairs management for Immigration Head Office, Brisbane. 

The restructuring and renovations of the front lobby and reception area of Immigration’s head office at 299 Adelaide street, Brisbane, caused many safety and security issues for staff members.

For nearly 24 months CPSU members and delegates have expressed concerns and raised serious WHS issues with Home Affairs management.

Due to the inaction of the department to reasonably rectify these WHS issues; the department was issued with a Provisional Improvement Notice (PIN) under section 90 of the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011.

Due to the vigilant and persistent work of CPSU delegates and the CPSU HSR Emily Brooks who issued the PIN, these issues are now being taken seriously and will be investigated by the department.

A big thank you to your HSR Emily Brooks and your always hard-working delegates Katie Williams, Theresa Wallace and Trent Gibbs.