Safety alert - Hazardous air quality in Sydney

Image description: A silhouette of the Sydney CBD sky line is filled with orange hued smoke.

A prolonged period of hazardous air quality across Sydney continues due to smoke pollution generated by ongoing hazard reduction burns in national parks.

Workers' health and safety must always be the priority at work. Managers should be implementing Hazardous Air Quality Response Procedures to ensure the health and safety of workers in the Greater Sydney region. 

Workers in high risk health categories and who are currently having adverse health impacts, such as coughing and shortness of breath, should be provided alternative work arrangements to remove them from work that exposes them to hazardous air. 

For more information please see the CPSU Safety First Guide – Hazardous Air Quality.

For advice and assistance - don’t hesitate to contact the CPSU Safety Team via email to, contact your local CPSU organiser or call the CPSU Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636.

An air quality forecast for the Sydney Metropolitan Region is made at 4pm every day here.