SBS employees

CPSU delegates are working hard to raise awareness with SBS staff about what’s happening in SBS bargaining. They are also assisting union members with potential underpayment of allowances, which may affect you! The more members we have in our union, the more we are able to fight for improved pay and conditions. Will you join us today?

Here’s a short summary of proposals in the new agreement:

  1. Government Bargaining Policy: SBS is continuing to make the choice to apply the Government’s bargaining policy to current negotiations which is problematic for SBS staff for several reasons.
  2. Reducing allowances: There is a real concern about management’s proposal to reduce access to existing allowance entitlements including higher duties allowances.
  3. Underpayment of allowances: In an environment where SBS seem to be putting cuts on the table, we know some of you have been affected by underpayment of current allowances. Contact CPSU Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 if you believe you may not be getting paid your correct allowances.
  4. Redundancy: Management’s proposed changes to redundancy would limit the circumstances in which you are consulted.
  5. Travel Allowance and On Call Allowances: CPSU have proposed enhanced clauses to your Enterprise Agreement, on both your travel and on call allowances.
  6. Leave Entitlements: We have discussed proposals on Compassionate leave, Study leave; Family and Domestic Violence Leave. The CPSU claim is to see enhanced leave entitlements in the Agreement.
  7. Pay: SBS has told us it will be providing us with its pay proposal shortly. The CPSU claim is for 3.5% per annum over the life of the agreement.
  8. Conversion of Casual and Fixed Term Employees: The CPSU claim is for the SBS agreement to provide commitment that ongoing employemnet is the preferred form of employment. We want ‘real’ conversion opportunities for all non-ongoing employees includes those on specified period, specified task contracts as well as Casual employees.

At the next bargaining meeting on 9 October we’ll be discussing, SBS’s response to union claims on Pay, Allowances, Leave, Hours of work, Overtime and Rosters.

Join the union today and come to a CPSU bargaining information session.

The next all staff CPSU Bargaining Information session at SBS Artarmon is on Tuesday 8 October – Conference Room B at 12noon and 12.30pm. If you are in Melbourne, please talk to CPSU organiser, Pierce Tyson about your next local CPSU meeting.

By joining us today you can:

  • Get individual CPSU advice and advocacy if you have been underpaid allowances; and
  • Improve your chances for better pay and conditions.