School Strike for Climate Solidarity Sit-Downs

School Strikers for Climate are organising solidarity actions across the country this week for communities devastated by bushfires.

"Our Government’s inaction on the climate crisis is contributing to catastrophic fire conditions. People are hurting. Communities are being devastated. And summer hasn’t even begun.

But rather than take real action on the climate crisis, instead our Government offers their thoughts, prayers and more support for coal, oil and gas. 

Our Government has repeatedly ignored Indigenous leaders, scientists and firefighters’ warnings of a spiralling bushfire crisis. And they have failed to provide the support needed to manage country and bushfires in a time of climate crisis. They need to be held to account."

On November 29, join student strikers at Solidarity Sit-Downs to demand increased support for Indigenous land management and the Rural Fire Service and real climate action. 

There is also a "Climate Classroom" Rally being held in Canberra on Thursday 28 November, while parliament is sitting.

Find an event near you and show your solidarity


Your union advice on how to attend:

1) You will need to attend either on your lunch break, take flex or leave to attend.

2) The recent decision in the Banerji high court case hasn’t affected your right to attend this activity in your own time
– including if you work on climate and environment issues.

  • If you work for an agency related to environment and climate, you should avoid publicly commenting, or commenting on social media, on your own portfolio.
  • If you work for an agency unrelated to climate and environment, and you’re posting about the event on social media or discussing the issue publicly, you should remember that it’s best to avoid making criticism that’s so harsh or extreme that it would call into question your ability to be impartial.

3) We also advise all members not to display your Government lanyards, ID or anything else that would identify you as an APS employee.