Services for Australia

If you have not already given your feedback on the government’s proposal to establish Service Australia, please make sure you do so by clicking here  

Shortly after their election win, the Morrison Government said it wants to improve government service delivery by creating "Service Australia".

Your CPSU representatives think a great place to start is by talking to you - the people who work in the system every day.

Your views on how to improve services are critical – and we need them

We have requested a briefing from government and will actively represent and advocate for the changes you want. 

What do we know about the Government’s plan?

  1. Changing DHS’ name to Service Australia.
  2. Giving DHS responsibility for broader government service delivery and digital transformation which includes whole of government service delivery, whole of government ICT, and ICT procurement policy and services.

What don’t we know yet?

We don’t know what these changes mean for your work:

  • Will there be more staff to deliver improvements to services?
  • Will there be changes to how your work is undertaken or delivered?
  • We don’t know what these changes mean for the current ICT systems: 
  • Staff regularly report the difficulties with current ICT systems and infrastructure... is there a plan to change this? 
  • What about the ICT transformation projects currently underway?
  • Are these announcements going to be backed up with any extra funding to make it happen?