Seven members lead the way

Please take a moment to congratulate yourself for standing up for decent conditions that respect your work and contribution to Seven. Well done!

Union members and other staff in Seven have sent a clear message that Network management can and must do better.

You’ll have seen management’s email earlier this week conceding the majority of staff have rejected their substandard offer. It’s an email that fails at adulting (see below).

Thanks also go to your CPSU delegates for helping get information out to workers and organising you to get to meetings around the country. It is true that many employers don’t want a union in their workplace because they fear the power of working people banding together.

Your CPSU bargaining team, Wesley Baker, Annie Missikos and Angela Paul are ready to return to negotiations to continue to faithfully, forcefully and respectfully represent your views and advocate for your rights. It helps them to know they have your support.

The plan from here – an offer that values you

Management’s email fails at adulting because they expect you to accept the offer you just rejected and then threaten to terminate the agreement if you don’t. Not exactly a give and take approach.

We’ve asked management to provide the number of workers who participated and the percentage of those who vote NO. This is relevant to bargaining and will help inform your bargaining team’s next steps.

You have a range of options available to support getting a decent agreement and your CPSU bargaining team is considering all those options this week. What I would say is that termination is a long and involved process taking anywhere from six months to over a year, during which time your current Agreement continues to operate.

We will have CPSU meetings soon to talk about next steps.

Everyone deserves better – ask a colleague to join today at

Many of your colleagues made a decision to reject management’s substandard agreement and they relied on CPSU information to help them make an informed decision. Please have a chat with a colleague about joining the CPSU. Those colleagues have only seen what we can do as a union without them, we’d like to be able to do so much more; their choice does make a difference.