Seven Network salary cost cuts

You have probably seen by now the email from Tim Worner outlining Seven’s decision to cut the Network’s annualised salary cost by $25million.

The CPSU will begin initial consultations with Seven next week. 

What do we know so far

  • No clear change proposals so far. Seven have committed to consulting with unions and staff as decisions are made.
  • No confirmation on the impact on staffing numbers and;
  • No details on how this could impact negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement.

How can the CPSU help?

  • Expert support and advice on your rights and entitlements.
  • Representation when consulting on workplace change.
  • CPSU member only helpline 1300 137 636. Not a member yet? Join here or call 1300 137 636

If you have any questions or feedback for management, please contact CPSU Section Secretary Phil Buchanan at