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In our previous communication to you the CPSU provided detail on how we wrote to the agency heads of Services Australia, Department of Health and the ATO. They have advised the CPSU that Stellar has assured these agencies that they are meeting their health and safety obligations around COVID-19.

The CPSU also met with the ACTU, the Attorney-Generals Department and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer to raise concerns about Stellar’s WHS practices around COVID-19. We were subsequently provided with written advice from the Deputy Chief Medical Officer to provide to Stellar about social distancing and hot desking. We will continue to advocate hard for your safety at work.

We are still hearing of cases where Stellar has not met WHS obligations

Members continue to provide us with examples of where there are health and safety concerns. We have therefore also engaged Work Health & Safety regulators and raised concerns about a number of Stellar’s ongoing failures to keep you safe and their refusal to engage with your union.

What has happened in your site?

If you have specific concerns around social distancing within your workplace not being 1.5 metres apart, or any other issues, please let us know.

If you have any other concerns, including about your health and safety at work, your CPSU Member Service Centre is open from 8am to 8pm on business days.

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