Stellar offer fails to value you and your work

It’s appalling Stellar’s proposal for your annual pay increase is 0%. That’s zero, nada, zilch for four years. Stellar can afford to pay you more but is choosing not to.

Stellar is a highly profitable company that pays its local executives huge bonuses and sends millions offshore every year. A fraction of these tens of millions of dollars would deliver guaranteed pay increases that help you make ends meet.

We continue to advocate for your rights and respect for your contribution to the organisation. It reflects poorly on Stellar that it has chosen to offer nothing beyond the legislated minimum its is forced by law to pay you. Did you also know that most workers in Australia earn above those minimum wages?

Expect a vote on Stellar’s substandard offer before Christmas

Stellar indicated its intention to put its substandard offer to a vote before Christmas. Unless we see significant improvement at the next negotiation, we will be recommending that all staff reject this offer. Your current entitlements remain until any new offer is accepted by a majority of staff.

Two indisputable facts

  1. You deserve better
  2. Stellar can do better

One thing you can do that will make a difference - ask one workmate to join your CPSU today at

Your efforts have made a difference this year as our union membership has doubled. With every person who stands up you become stronger. It can be difficult to stand up to a culture that ingrains inequality which is why we do it together.

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