Stellar vote opens 13 December

You will be asked to vote on Stellar’s substandard offer shortly. We strongly encourage all staff participate in that ballot. Over the next week, please make time to read our emails, come to a meeting and stay in touch. If you have questions, please talk with a CPSU delegate or let your local union organiser know.

Seven full days to consider a proposed enterprise agreement – consider the offer

This week, Stellar advised your CPSU representatives they would be moving to a vote. 

Stellar are required by law to give all staff seven full days to look at and think about their proposed agreement in its entirety before you make an informed decision. This is known as the "access period".

Stellar will be commencing the access period on the 6th December and the vote will occur from 13th -17th December 2018.CPSU delegates and organisers will be available over this period to discuss any concerns or questions that you have before the vote opens.

Agreement is made based on those that choose to vote – use your vote

The proposed agreement will be accepted or reject based on the number of people who vote. There is no minimum participation rate. For example, if three people vote and two accept the offer, then that is what all staff in Stellar get. We have heard some workers don’t want to dignify this appalling offer with a response. We want all staff to participate in that ballot and make an informed decision. 

A NO vote means current conditions continue and we go back to the bargaining table

Your current conditions and entitlements remain until any new offer is accepted by a majority of staff. Voting NO sends a clear message to Stellar that you want a better offer. You deserve better, and you know they can do better. We have a clear plan to get a sensible offer that works for you.

A YES vote means the proposed agreement would apply sometime in 2019

An agreement is reached when a majority of those that vote accept the offer. The Fair Work Commission would check the agreement against the legislated minimum conditions and once that was done the agreement would apply.

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