Taking back control

CPSU members across the country gave evidence to the People’s Inquiry into Privatisation, with members telling their stories of “privatisation by stealth” – cuts, underfunding, outsourcing, labour hire – that are only getting worse.

The Inquiry spoke to hundreds of people around Australia about the impact of privatisation on their communities, and received submissions from individuals and organisations. Its conclusion? Privatisation has broadly failed the Australian community.

The report has just been released, read it and its 12 recommendations here and article by Inquiry Chair David Hetherington here.

“We are calling for a moratorium on privatisation until greater regulatory mechanisms and proper policy frameworks are implemented around the delivery of public services.” Recommendation 1, Taking Back Control, A Community Response to Privatisation

Thank you to the many CPSU members who participated in the Inquiry and shared their personal stories about the impact of privatisation on their lives.

Join us in taking back control

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