TAS: Home Affairs Paid Time WebEx Meeting

Do you know what a section 24(1) determination is?

Come along to a paid time meeting to find out!

Over the next few weeks staff around the country are virtually attending CPSU meetings to talk about the differences between a section 24(1) determination and bargaining.

Please pick the time that suits you – the schedule is below:




Meeting number (access code)


Tuesday 19 May


Computer:  784409056@homeaffairs.webex.com 

Ph: +61-2-9053-7190

784 409 056

3ehRsamq@53 (33477267 from phones)

Tuesday 19 May


Computer: 783008716@homeaffairs.webex.com 

Ph: +61-2-9053-7190

783 008 716

AkBPMBJ*576 (25276250 from phones) 


May 20


Computer:  781993469@homeaffairs.webex.com 

Ph: +61-2-9053-7190

781 993 469

e3Zne7dam@2 (33963732 from phones) 

Wednesday May 20


Computer: 780442862@homeaffairs.webex.com 

Ph: +61-2-9053-7190

780 442 862

PHuBJQZ?635 (74825790 from phones) 

Meetings are for up to one hour and you are allowed to attend on work time using Home Affairs’ Webex. As you will need your email address or phone to join this meeting, please refer to the privacy statement below about how your information will be treated.

All interested workers are encouraged to come along.

This is your chance to ask all your questions and hear what your colleagues think.

The Department of Home Affairs is proposing to use a section 24(1) determination instead of negotiating an enterprise agreement; and they will be surveying you on this soon.

We want you to have all the information to make this decision, as well as what this means for the recently announced APS pay freeze and the timeline of events between now and next February.

Please make time to ask questions, understand your options and hear from your colleagues.

There have been some IT issues with Web Ex interstate, we are hoping it will all run smoothly, however if you have any IT issue’s when trying to attend the meeting please advise us so we are aware.