Tax lodgement period and escalations

Tax Lodgement time is hectic for CSA and we are touching base with everyone to see whether there are any specific concerns coming out of this busy period, that the CPSU needs to be aware of or to resolve.

Drop an email if you have any feedback on the following:

  1. Is the tax lodgement period impacting you due to: high customer aggression, reduction in access to leave/breaks, increase stress, unreasonable expectations, etc?
  2. Are you working overtime and how many hours you are working? Is it excessive or causing a lack of work/life balance?
  3. Any other concerns or issues coming out of this period?

Based on your feedback, if there are issues we need to investigate further we will organise a time to visit and consult with you more specifically on those issues. Any other concerns or issues please feel free to send them through to or your local CPSU delegate.