Telstra bargaining

Your CPSU bargaining team and our partners from the CEPU and PA have a positive agenda and vision for your working life. We want you to be financially rewarded for the part you play in Telstra’s success and know what your future looks like.

We’ll outline the positive proposals you’ve asked for to your management next week.

A strong union is the only way to have balanced agreement negotiations with Telstra. If you’re not already a member we need you to give us the power and resources to level the playing field by joining the CPSU.

The CPSU positive plan

Next week we’ll be discussing the issues you’ve told us matter the most to you, including:

  • Keeping your existing rights and conditions, including protecting your redundancy entitlements and keeping you in control of your Long Service Leave;
  • Pay that rewards your hard work and is fair for the whole workforce, and;
  • Giving you more job security and career opportunities in Telstra.

The one positive we can take from this week’s meeting is that even Telstra admit Job Family is a flawed model. We took some time to discuss how staff are disadvantaged in strange and illogical ways through Job Family pay, and got a level of shared understanding of these problems that give us a ray of hope for future discussions.

Telstra’s words that will disappoint: “Cost containment”

We know you’re an asset to Telstra and you contribute to its success. More importantly, you’re a person; not a widget or unit of production.

So, it’s disappointing when we hear words from Telstra that treat you like a number. A good employer would bring a more inclusive and enlightened approach to these negotiations than “cost containment”. You tell us that there are some things about working for Telstra that are good and many that could be improved. We will keep working on management to deliver these.

Time to get involved!

If you’re not yet a member, today is the day to join the CPSU to put your weight behind our plan to protect your existing working conditions and make sensible improvements to your working life. If you don’t see yourself as “costs” to be “contained”, joining the union is literally the only thing you can do to help push for a bargaining conversation that treats you with the respect you deserve.