Three important updates for the Marine Unit

A lot’s been happening lately – we want you to know how your union has been advocating for your workplace conditions and safety.

If you have any questions on any of this, please reach out to your local CPSU delegate or contact the CPSU office directly.

Comcare investigation – your safety at sea

Last week the CPSU sent its initial submission to Comcare’s investigation on the management of psychosocial risks for Marine Unit workers in the Department of Home Affairs. Survey responses and witness statements were crucial in supporting the CPSU’s position that there are systemic failures when it comes to health and safety. This is a powerful moment in our fight for justice, for worker safety.

The initial witness statements taken are just the beginning – many of you have put up your hand to share your story, and we will contact you over the coming weeks.

Your union won’t wait for Comcare to conclude their investigation. We know, you know, and the department knows; there are serious risks to your health and safety with how your allowances are structured, how incident reporting is handled, and how fatigue is managed.

Our next step is to use health and safety rep (HSR) powers to get the department to make timely change.

Psychological assessments

Did you see the Marine Unit notice about UoF psychometric reassessments? In case you missed it, officers who were recently instructed to complete their psychometric reassessment were told not to progress any further with the process, with no explanation. It turns out the department failed to follow the correct procedures in a policy on psychological assessments that had only recently been consulted on by the CPSU and workers – it was described as a ‘historical misunderstanding’.

What’s even more concerning is the department may have lost the psychometric assessment records. The CPSU wrote to the department raising concerns over the whereabouts of these records after requesting them on behalf of members – and now, there’s a review. Your employer has a legal obligation to secure your personal, sensitive information, and your union will pursue this matter and hold the department to account.

Have you been affected or have any questions? Reach out to us by email.

COVID, border closures, and you

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect patrols and rosters and with big disruptions this past week because of recent border closures – many of you have suddenly found yourselves unable to travel to patrol. Marine Workforce Capability is contacting individuals who fall into this category and making alternative arrangements. We’ve heard from you that those arrangements vary and include temporary re-assignment to another vessel, shore-based duties in a regional office, stand downs, and leave. It’s not clear why arrangements vary.

We’ll be meeting with the department this week to get clarity on what’s going on and so we can ensure your rights are respected. If this is affecting you and your concerned about the options you’ve been presented or the consequences of those, please reach out to the Member Service Centre on 1800 137 636 for assistance (Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm EST).

Stay safe and always let us know if there’s anything we can do for you – we’re here to help. 

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