Tobacco smoke in the Control Room

The CPSU is looking out for the health of members

The CPSU has forced management action to address the health and safety risks of tobacco smoke entering the Control Room at Melbourne Airport.

Staff in Aviation Travellers had received no action from their complaint some months back to DIBP Management alerting them to tobacco smoke in the control room.

CPSU members informed their union of these concerns in late February 2017, and the CPSU acted immediately in response.

As a result of concerted collective CPSU member pressure, DIBP Management has finally approached Melbourne Airport to seek a resolution.  DIBP Management has informed the CPSU that the following actions have been taken:

  • Regular inspections of the Control Room
  • Increased monitoring of non-smoking areas outside the Control room by Airport Security Staff
  • Site inspection of the air-conditioning which indicates it is working and maximum filters are in place
  • Engagement with local HSRs on WHS protocols for incident reporting
  • Engagement of a provider of Air Quality testing in the Control Room.  Testing commenced 3 March 2017.  This testing has been completed and DIBP is awaiting the report.
  • Carbon Filter installed 6 March 2017
  • Air ducts deodorised 7 March 2017
  • Deep clean to remove residual smell from the Control Room - shall only occur if the residual smell is still present now that a carbon filter has been installed  – situation being monitored.

Further action promised by DIBP Management:

  • Visit by the Health and Safety team
  • Improved signage indicating non-smoking area outside the Control Room
  • Continued monitoring of the non-smoking area outside the Control Room
  • Working with HSRs to train them on WHS protocols for incident reporting

Next steps

This is another example of CPSU action by members and delegates ensuring that DIBP acts on your health and safety concerns.

CPSU encourages members to be vigilant in monitoring and reporting any further tobacco smoke in the Control Room.  CPSU members are encouraged to contact your HSRs, Delegates or your CPSU Organiser Nina Taylor on 0408 346 917 or regarding this matter.

Membership matters

Being a CPSU member is crucial to ensuring your rights, health and safety are upheld. If you are not yet a member of the CPSU join today.