'Twas the night before the budget

Change the Rules logo on Australian Parliament House in the evening

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will hand down his first Budget tomorrow night, the sixth under the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Government, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison expected to call a Federal Election to be held in May within ten days.

This Budget will impact on critical national issues including wages growth, jobs and public services well beyond the Federal Election.

We will be judging the Budget in particular on whether it:

  1. Abolishes the damaging and arbitrary Average Staffing Level cap, which has hit jobs, damaged public sector capacity and driven privatisation and outsourcing in Commonwealth agencies.
  2. Clamps down on the rapidly ballooning overuse of contractors, consultants and labour hire across the Australian Public Service, particularly the big four accounting firms.
  3. Provides a net increase in Commonwealth jobs, after years of cuts.
  4. Reverses cuts to real wages and uses public sector pay to stimulate rather than stifle wages growth across the economy.
  5. Reverses the privatisation of Centrelink and Medicare work in the Department of Human Services, bringing profit-driven call centres back in house and eliminating the inefficient use of labour hire.
  6. Abandons plans to privatise Australia’s visa processing system, ensuring the safety of 3,000 jobs and guaranteeing that corporate interests do not get control of our visa system.
  7. Tackles tax avoidance by multinational corporations and other big businesses, including a particular focus on the tax affairs of companies holding Commonwealth contracts.

We've urged the Coalition to make the decisions that a good Government would in this Budget, but won’t be at all surprised if they rip billions of dollars more out of the public service to add to their election pork barrel. 


We’ve held the Government to account to make CPSU members’ voices be heard as Frydenberg wrote the budget with the CPSU pre-Budget Submission, which you can read on our website here.

Our call to protect our public services and respect public service workers will continue to be heard across the country in workplaces, on the streets (make sure you find your nearest Change the Rules protest on and around April 10) and soon - at the ballot box. 

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