Two down, One to go

Thank you for your support for fair pay and conditions in the Courts

Many Courts staff who are not yet CPSU members have:

  1. Voted No again
  2. Signed the CPSU petition demanding mediation in the Fair Work Commission

Your colleagues in the Courts who are CPSU members deeply appreciate your support in undertaking the above activities with them.

Your actions have achieved mediation in the FWC which is an important step towards getting a fair offer.

But there is one more decision we ask you to take today that will have an even bigger impact.

Join us in our union

Join us and take protected action with your CPSU colleagues next week.

Joining is easy, membership is cheap and tax deductible and comes with free Journey Cover Insurance for CPSU members only.

And joining us will make getting a fair and sensible offer a step closer to reality.

Thanks for your time and support.

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