Union membership gets results at IP australia

CPSU members in BIMS have been having a tough time lately.  IP Australia is restructuring the BIMS group – and making roles in the manual testing team redundant.  The people in these roles have done a great job for many years and played an important role in making sure IP Australia can do its important work. 

Satff were blindsided by this news –The CPSU stepped in and negotiated on behalf of our members during this difficult time.  We have been able to achieve a number of important improvements on what was initially offered to people in this team, including:

  • Four week delay to issuing of formal paperwork (an extra four weeks at full pay)
  • Paid time for affected staff to work on their CVs and job applications
  • Job/VR swaps back on the table
  • Unlimited EAP sessions throughout restructure for affected staff

These outcomes have made a real difference for the manual testing team, and prove that it pays to have union membership. 

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