Update on overpayments in Home Affairs

Have you had money deducted from your account without your consent? This has been happening a lot and we have now had a number of meetings with the Department to discuss it. They say that the main problem is occurring because when there is unplanned leave (usually a form of personal leave) this is entered into the system as “unscheduled leave”. This means that you are still paid all the penalties etc for the shift you were to work. Then, when the system is updated to show that you were on personal leave a debt is created for the penalties you were paid. It’s overly complicated and we think we can work together to fix this.

What do you reckon? Do you know a good way forward? Keep us posted as we will continuing meeting with the Department until we can find a way that means employees aren’t having money deducted from their pay without notice. Email cpsuborders@cpsu.org.au with your thoughts!