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What's Wear It Purple Day?

Wear It Purple Day is about raising awareness for LGBTIQA+ youth mental health, and this year’s theme is we are the change.

LGBTIQA+ youth have significantly higher rates of mental health issues, in large part because of by the stress cased by bullying, discrinimation and fear of coming out. Showing young people it's ok to come out, and to your colleagues that it's ok for them or their kids to come out, makes the world a kinder, safer place to be. Read more on the Wear It Purple website here.

Why is the CPSU involved? 

Fairness, justice, and solidarity are at the core of what unions are about.

From the NSW Teachers’ Federation marching in the first Mardi Gras in 1978 to the campaign for the Yes Vote being run out of Victorian Trades Hall, union solidarity has been part of LGBTIQA+ liberation for decades. 

LGBTIQA+ workers standing up and demanding better treatment, along with the action and solidarity of their union colleagues have been part of achieving equality.

How can I make my workplace more inclusive? 

  • Wear It Purple this Friday!

Whether it’s a Melbourne Storm beanie or purple earrings or a tie or an old tshirt or the purple pantsuit you bought for a Wonka themed costume and never wore again, show your truly supportive colours and Wear It Purple on Friday 28 August.

Spread the word by sharing a selfie on social media.

We’ve also set up a Wear It Purple Day Zoom background that you can use when you’re video conferencing, and a poster if you’re working on site (or you can put it up in your home office!).

  • Add your pronouns to your email signature or nametag.

Even if you think it’s “obvious” that you go by she or he, the more everyone does it, the more your gender diverse colleagues or customers will feel comfortable to share their own pronouns and gender, and the more you might notice that you have gender diverse colleagues when you didn’t even realise. It’s not always as “obvious” as you think!

Want to learn more? There’s a great guide to pronouns here and an article that explains why it’s helpful for everyone to do it here.

  • Don’t assume your colleague’s partner’s gender.

“Oh I have to leave for my partner’s work thing” “oh yeah, what does he do?”  You can straight up avoid using pronouns by just using a noun like “your partner.” So people may correct you straight away and move on, but for many it’s awkward and an effort to make the correction.

  • Get involved with your Staff Consultative Committee and audit your workplace policies.

“We are the change” – and that change will be bigger if it’s personal and structural. Here is a great guide to best practice LGBTIQA+ inclusive policies from the Victorian Pride Lobby, and here is the We Are Union Pride guide.

  • Join your union

Workplaces with more union members have better conditions. When we work together, we can make improvements to a workplace’s culture and policies to be fairer and to enforce your rights. Union members also get individual support from delegates and staff when experiencing bullying or harassment at work.

Download a workplace noticeboard poster here.


Zoom/MS Teams backgrounds

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