What does Reconciliation Week mean to you?

National Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June) is a time for us to all learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and to reflect on how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

CPSU members around the country have taken a few minutes to tell their stories of what Reconciliation Week means to them.

Click on the preview below to watch and share their video.

We're in this together

The theme of this year's Reconciliation Week is "we're in this together" - an approach that resonates with union members.

Long term issues in Aboriginal Hostels being resolved

Our members who work for Aboriginal Hostels Limited took this approach when a few of them had questions about their pay rates.

By working together with the support of union representatives, our members investigated not only their own pay, but also that of all APS1 employees and past employees.

By raising the issue collectively (they really were all in this together) the members won reclassification to a higher pay rate and back pay totalling nearly $2million.

This decision is a welcome one made by the new CEO. The recognition of the responsibility of these workers and the meaningful decision to improve their conditions shows positive changes to Aboriginal Hostels and is something we look forward to continuing in the future.

Together, we can achieve big things 

Please share the video above with your networks and talk to them about what reconciliation means to you. By working together and sharing our stories, we can achieve positive change.

Don't forget to check out our National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Caucus (NATSIC) web page for updates on what your union is doing for our First Australian members.

You can also check out the Reconciliation Australia website for more information and Reconciliation Week activities.

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