The What Women Want Survey is Open!

Australia’s biggest survey of working women is now open.

The What Women Want survey, proudly run by the Community and Public Sector Union, is invaluable in understanding what issues affect you at work and what you want to do about them.

Your participation is vital: information we’ve gathered from previous surveys has helped us protect crucial rights and conditions in your workplaces. Previous participants have told us how much flexibility and working hours matter, and this data helped us prevent the government from cutting overtime for part-timers, cutting TOIL from EL staff and forcing increases to the length of the working day.

You can see media coverage of previous reports here and here.

People who identify as women have told us that their work matters to them, that flexibility is important and that they want to be valued. But they’re also telling us that their jobs are becoming less secure, it’s getting harder to balance work with life and family and that the gender pay gap persists.

Please join us once again and fill out the survey. It will take around 10-15 minutes to complete and your contribution is really important.

Please encourage colleagues who aren’t members to take the survey as well!