WHS Action for Ocean class vessels

I’m writing to you because every worker has a legal right to safe work and workplaces, whether they work on the land, in the air or at sea.

Recently workers on Ocean Shield and Ocean Protector have reported increased levels of fatigue and work related stress. This is linked to the Department’s new 31/27 roster pattern and travel arrangements.

Yet, despite raising these issues with the department these problems have not been acknowledged or resolved. This is unacceptable. CPSU delegates and HSRs have agreed to a Safety Action Plan, and to make it work they need your support.

The first thing that HSRs and delegates are asking all workers is to please complete this comprehensive, private and confidential WHS online survey – it takes up to 30 minutes.

The WHS survey has been set up to gather workers feedback on current working conditions and identify improvements to ensure safe systems of work are implemented and maintained.

A summary report of survey results will be provided to workers - HSRs and CPSU delegates.

This will include recommendations and next steps on the best way secure improvements to working conditions. This will include our next steps and actions to secure improvements to your safety systems at work.

If you are not a member of the union, join today to help us in our fight. The more members we have on your vessels, the stronger we are.

Yours in unity,

CPSU delegates aboard the Ocean Shield and Ocean Protector

  • Adam Elder
  • Craig Ferguson
  • Darren Potts
  • Richard Smith
  • Ryan Williams

and Lisa Newman, CPSU Deputy National President