World Public Service Day

23 June is World Public Service Day, the United Nations day to recognise public sector workers for the important work you do to support communities and promote prosperity for all. 

We're taking action to recognise and say "thank you" to public sector workers - who continue to be the key to our response during the COVID pandemic - and to build awareness of the Government's new workplace bargaining policy.

What can you do?

We know most people are yet to see the new bargaining policy and aren’t sure what it means. In the lead up to World Public Service Day:

  • You can help build awareness of the new policy by downloading the Talking Points for Delegates and talking to your colleagues.
  • Host an event on Wednesday 23 June to recognise the contribution of your colleagues and talk to them about the new policy. You could hold a morning or afternoon tea, or a host virtual catch-up (solidarity with our Victorian members!).
  • We've prepared a handy flyer to help you get the word out, and a detailed factsheet about what is in the new policy - share them with your colleagues.
  • You can also download workplace posters and thank you cards you can hand out on the day.
  • Closer to the day we will have social squares for sharing on your favourite social media channels.
  • And in mid-July, we will be holding member-only briefings on our strategy to shift the government’s position.

We want all public sector workers to know what's in this policy, to be part of the union, and help us shift the Government’s position so that we have genuine bargaining in the federal public sector. 

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