Is your health and safety a priority in CASA?

CPSU is committed to building safe work places and systems for all employees in CASA. Workers are contacting the union concerned about CASA’s problematic approach to health and safety. Staff believe their concerns are not a priority and problems they report are not being solved.  We think that’s unacceptable and you deserve better.

Here are five Health and Safety issues CASA workers have reported

•             Unsafe staffing levels and workloads

•             Inadequate resources and training to do the job

•             Call Centre (CSC) workers suffering stress and anxiety due to unrealistic performance measures and operational requirements

•             Workers H&S concerns are ignored and problems go unsolved

•             Not enough local worker-elected Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)


Do you believe CASA management need to invest more resources to ensure workers Health & Safety is a priority?

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CPSU workplace delegates are standing up for your health and safety

This week, CPSU delegates met and agreed that far more needs to be done to ensure CASA prioritises workers health and safety. Problems are not getting solved, and workers issues go unanswered.

To better understand what’s going on, delegates have asked the CPSU WHS Officer investigate what improvements are needed to health and safety procedures, and if current Health and Safety Representative (HSR) structures are adequate. This is an important place to start.  Elected HSRs have strong legal powers to ensure WHS problems are solved – not ignored – and WHS laws followed. 

Building safe workplaces starts with you; here’s what to do

1.   Join the CPSU.  You can join here

2.   Do the SNAP Poll to have your say

3.   Report all work health and safety incidents, including  ‘near misses’

If like us, you believe your health and safety at work needs to be the priority; join the union and help make it happen!


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