Your new Defence Agreement

Your new Defence Agreement has now been approved by the Fair Work Commission

The Defence Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020 comes into effect on 16 August 2017, being 7 days after approval by FWC.

Pay rises

As per clauses G2.1 a, b, and c the first pay rise of 3% is to be paid effective 24 August 2017, and in your pay on 7 September 2017.

Further salary increases of 2% percent and 1% will be paid with effect 23 August 2018 and 21 February 2019 respectively.

Now, more than ever, is the right time to be a union member and it’s a time to ask your colleagues to join. We know that many Defence staff who are not union members supported getting a fair deal. But it is no longer enough just to vote for fairness – we need you to ask them to join their union. Please share this bulletin around with your interested colleagues.

By asking your colleagues to join you are making a strong statement that you want to make a difference in your workplace and in your community.

Thank you

Thank you for all your support over the last three years of bargaining for a new enterprise agreement in your workplace. We know that union members helped win a better deal in Defence than what was on offer for the first three EAs voted on.

Whilst everyone is clear that the EA supported by a majority of staff at the fourth vote is inferior to the EA it is replacing, the campaign by CPSU members has protected many important workplace rights that the government wanted to take away. During this campaign the action of members won back:

  • Superannuation at current contribution rates,
  • Six minute increase to working day withdrawn,
  • Performance progression now at 3.8% instead of proposed 2%, 1% top of the range performance payment retained,
  • Not proceeding to drop the minimum pay point of APS 6 by approx. $4,000,
  • Increased pay offer up from 3.16% to 6% over life of EA, Department must apply policy when dealing with excess employees and performance assessment. This is enforceable.
  • Enforceable workplace representation rights for members

Lets change the rules together

It’s clear from the last three and half years of APS wide bargaining that the bargaining rules are broken, and we don’t want a repeat of this bargaining mess again. The CPSU is standing with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) latest campaign; Change the Rules. We are working to change the unfair rules that contribute to inequality- in the enterprise bargaining system, the tax loopholes exploited by wealthy corporations, increasing rates of insecure employment and unfair workplace laws. CPSU delegates and organisers will shortly be in your workplaces and talking to staff and running information sessions - please keep an eye out.

CPSU is here to stay

Yes, the CPSU will continue to represent your interests in the workplace and continue to campaign across the public service and in the community for proper acknowledgement of the hard work you put in and the value it has for all Australians.

We will continue our focus in Defence on winning industrial disputes in CASG restructure and other issues arising from First Principles. We have our next National workplace Relations committee (NWRC) this Tuesday the 15th of August and having a discussion on the policies that will be supporting the Enterprise Agreement.

Any questions, please email us at