You're going to start hearing some hard hitting radio ads...

There will be hard hitting radio ads about the privatisation of public services running in Cairns next week.

These ads are made possible because hundreds of Proud to be Public supporters have pitched in to stop the privatisation of our public services.

CPSU members and delegates have been campaigning hard against the privatisation of our public services and for new, secure DHS jobs. We have already won 100 new DHS jobs in regional Tasmania and in South East Queensland, now we need to step up our campaign in North and Central Queensland where secure jobs and quality public services are vital.

Like you and me, people in our communities don’t like privatisation. Your neighbours and friends want their services delivered by public servants, not multinational corporations. A good government understands the value of our public services and the value the people who do the work bring to our local communities. And so, our goal as CPSU members is to make the government listen to the people.

Your union, the CPSU, is building and mobilising members of the public to stop privatisation and protect your job. The Coalition government have continued to put profit before people by sending jobs, and billions of dollars to Serco, Stellar, Outsourcing Inc and other labour hire companies – so next week we will be stepping up our campaign and ask our public supporters to make a small donation to keep these ads on air.

CPSU members are not being asked to donate – you’ve already made the most important contribution by being a union member.

You can help fight privatisation by: