Regional Delegates Conferences 2017

CPSU delegates are invited to attend a CPSU Regional Delegates Conference - "Industrial relations in Australia and the public sector - where are we at and where are we going".

The conference is a great opportunity for delegates from many agencies and workplaces to get together, share experiences and learn from each other.

Purpose of the conference

  • Celebrate the work of CPSU delegates in achieving significant outcomes for members, safeguarding rights and conditions and fighting for funding and jobs to provide critical public services;
  • Recognise and reinforce the critical role delegates play in building a strong, effective union for and with our members;
  • Train and brief delegates in key industrial relations issues for the CPSU and the wider union movement;
  • Provide delegates with an opportunity to represent members concerns on the critical issues that our union is dealing with now;
  • Seek the feedback of delegates on our strategic plan for our union into the future.

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