Member Story: Evan Chin, ACT Government

Evan Chin, Administrative Services Officer, ACT Government
"I take heart knowing my work provides a vital service to the Canberra community"
Evan Chin
ACT Government

Evan Chin may not be on the front line fighting a fire, but for the last seven years his job working for the ACT Government as an Administrative Services Officer has been to make sure that Fire & Rescue, Ambulance Services, Rural Fire Service and State Emergency Services are stocked with all the equipment they need to function around the clock.

This role is critical to the safety of Canberrans every day, but was brought into stark relief during the industrial fire in Mitchell in September 2011.

“On this occasion I played a really satisfying role ensuring the supply of essential fire fighting materials consumed during this dangerous and protracted event was not adversely affected,” explains Evan.

“That’s why I wear my underwear on the outside these days!” he adds.

Evan has lived in Canberra for 33 years and appreciates the clean and safe environment the city offers for him and his wife to raise their two children. “I like the character of Canberra, in that it is a cross between a small city and a big country town,” said Evan.

These days Evan is focused on procuring and managing the medical consumables of the Ambulance Service and is introducing and installing new inventory systems in the warehouse at the Emergency Services Agency’s Resource Centre based in Fairbairn.

Evan is also working on improving workplace health and safety issues and is assisting in training two new members in his section.

Evan has found that membership with the CPSU has empowered him personally and over time allowed him to find a voice in the workplace.

“I joined the CPSU to forward the causes of my work section and to ensure that the rights of our team are protected with the assistance of a well-regarded and respected union,” said Evan.

Evan loves that his job can have a positive effect in the day-to-day running of the emergency services provided in Canberra.

“I take heart knowing that a small portion of my work provides a specific and vital service to the Canberra community to make it a safer place,” said Evan