Member Story: Peter Hampson, Delegate, Health, TAS

"I became a delegate to make sure that our hard won conditions weren’t whittled away."
Peter Hampson, Delegate
Health, TAS

Why did you become a delegate?

To build and maintain my communication and negotiation skills and to help make sure that our hard won conditions weren’t whittled away.

What do you like most about being a delegate?

Helping people and making sure that they are treated fairly and equitably no matter who they are.

What’s one tip you would give to new delegates?

Get to know your local and national CPSU organisers – they’re a really useful resource.

What’s your approach to asking people to join the CPSU?

I like to point out how successful we have been in the EA bargaining process – and remind them that we can’t do this without members.

One tip for asking people to join the CPSU?

Keep it informal – people respond well to this especially when they are new to a workplace. Also try to ensure that you are involved in the induction process.

What’s your approach to helping members who have a problem?

I try to focus on ensuring that the prescribed processes are followed by management.

One tip for assisting members with a problem?

Be realistic about the possible outcomes of any strategy you use to assist them with their problem.

What’s your relationship with your management?

We have a good open honest and frank relationship with management

One tip for working with management on an issue?

If you agree to follow up on something – then follow up on it. Document your discussions.

Tip for running meetings?

Document the outcomes of each meeting and summarise these at the conclusion of the meeting. This minimises the chance for future disagreement.

What’s good about your union noticeboard?

It’s a constantly changing kaleidoscope of useful information!