Member Story: Robin Brown, ACT Government

Robin Brown, Environment Protection Officer, ACT Government
"Penguins survive the harshest and coldest conditions on the planet when they collect and work together"
Robin Brown
ACT Government

“Penguins survive the harshest and coldest conditions on the planet when they collect and work together to protect themselves,” says Robin Brown, who was inspired by Emperor Penguins to join the CPSU.

“I joined the CPSU to be part of the collective. Sometimes standing against the cold wind, arm in arm with my fellow comrades, sometimes feeling the warmth, protection and benefits of being part of the collective,” explains Robin.

Working for a government organisation that is required to provide advice to government on matters that can at times be against government policy or priority, it is important to have confidence frank advice can be provided without fear of retribution.

“The CPSU gives me that confidence,” he said.

Always providing frank and fearless advice is at the heart of Robin’s ACT Government job where he has worked for six years as an Environment Protection Officer.  Robin coordinates the EPA’s review of major planning proposals and provides advice to the Planning Authority on pollution impacts to assist government to deliver high quality environmental outcomes.

Robin’s job is to make Canberra a better place to live. “Literally better... Better air quality, better water quality, less noise pollution, less land contamination and less danger from hazardous materials and pollutants,” explains Robin.

“I’ve seen the terrible effects of asbestos exposure and poor air quality to people’s health and their loved ones lives,” said Robin.

“My job is to assist to deliver a healthy environment to live and work in, reducing the burden of pollution on society, preventing costs on the health budget and helping our city to be one of the best places in the world to live,” he said.

Robin has lived in Canberra for seven years with his young family and thinks it is a great place to bring up kids.

“I’m happy every time I help to ensure air pollution and risks from exposure to harmful pollutants are reduced. Everyday I’m happy my work has helped make life safer for my family, friends and even people I will never meet or know or even be thanked by,” he said.

Robin Brown ACT Government