Stop the Medicare sell-off

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Outsourcing is a threat to jobs, services and privacy.

Millions of Australians are deeply opposed to the Government’s attack on Medicare. The Government has already slashed health spending and tried to introduce a $7.00 co-payment. Now it wants to sell off the Medicare payment system, a move that will destroy jobs and services and undermine privacy.

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What's at risk?

The Turnbull Government wants to turn Medicare’s $29 billion payments system over to the private sector - to be run for profit rather than for the benefit of all Australians. This plan would affect;

  • Medicare payments
  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) payments
  • Veterans’ Affairs payments.

A sneaky sell-off

The Government have not made a public case for this sell-off plan or debated it in Parliament. It’s privatisation by the back door.

The beginning of the end for Medicare

It’s the beginning of the end of Medicare as we know it, opening the door to the privatisation of other public services as well.

Jobs to go

This proposal directly threatens the jobs of thousands of public sector workers, mostly women and many in regional and rural areas.

Your privacy for sale

Medicare’s database contains sensitive and detailed medical, personal and financial records of all Australians. This information should not be outsourced to for-profit companies.

Pay more. Get less

Privatisation puts profits before people. So we all pay more, but get less services, while big business makes a profit and it often fails.

With your help, we can stop this

We are asking Australians to say no to this proposal. We need to tell the Government we want Medicare services - and Medicare jobs - kept in public hands.

What you can do 

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