CPSU Accessibility Network

Accessibility is an issue that impacts all workers.

The presence or absence of accessibility adjustments and policies influences the extent to which workers with disability are able to participate at work, which affects both productivity and culture.

When accessibility is improved, all workers benefit. Both directly, from easier and broader access to accommodations, and from enhanced workplace diversity and fairness.

To help achieve these improvements the CPSU has established the Accessibility Network. This member-led network covers all areas of CPSU coverage including APS, ACT Gov, NT Gov, CSIRO, ABC and more. This group will advise, lobby, and co-ordinate activities across workplaces to increase awareness and support meaningful change in areas such as;

  • Appropriate leave, supports and assistive technology.
  • Reasonable adjustments within the workplace and to workload.
  • Redesigned recruitment and employment support practices.
  • Improving workplace behaviours and attitudes.
  • Regular reporting on disability numbers and supports available.
  • Ceasing discrimination in the workplace.

If accessibility is an issue that is important to you please join the network today.

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