** NEWSFLASH ** Big announcements on pay, bargaining, consultation, and union rights in the APS.

The Labor Government has announced significant changes for the APS, including an important announcement on pay, and a better approach to bargaining and consultation. These announcements are a substantial shift from the previous Government’s approach to APS bargaining and industrial relations. Read more ...

It’s time to have your say on pay

With a change of government and genuine bargaining now back on the table, union members will decide the CPSU’s position on pay and conditions.

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I still need to join the union

When we come to develop the union’s claim for bargaining, only CPSU members get to have a say and have a vote.

Join now so that you’re ready to be involved.

What about conditions?

Earlier in the year members completed a survey on the conditions improvements you want your union to stand for. Members said they wanted to see changes such as locking working from home rights into agreements, job security, better consultation, improvements to paid parental leave, and more.

You can download and read a full analysis here.


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APS pay gaps exposed - A CPSU comparison of pay across the APS, will display here when you are signed in.

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