Figures released today by the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) reveal strong support for the union’s recent service-wide bargaining as agency level ballot results roll in.

More than twenty individual agencies have successfully finalised their APS Enterprise Agreement, with all seeing high yes votes.

In late November last year, CPSU members voted to accept a revised national pay deal that included a 11.2% pay rise with back pay, a sign on bonus, new consultation rights, improved parental leave, significant flexible work rights, and no cuts to existing conditions.

Since then, bargaining has moved to the departmental level where unions and management have been hammering out agency specific details. Once finalised, the Enterprise Agreement goes to a vote where all employees in the agency can vote on it.

Quotes attributable to Melissa Donnelly, CPSU National Secretary:

“We have been pleased to see the high turnout and strong positive response to the negotiated APS wide pay and conditions package.

“The votes we have seen so far reflect the wider sentiment that exists among employees.

“This is a good package that is already delivering APS employees strong, industry-leading conditions, improved pay, and a financial boost.

“With a strong foundation of industry-leading conditions and improved pay, the CPSU will be focussing on enforcing the new arrangements over the coming months.

“This agreement reflects the hard work put in by thousands of CPSU members and delegates throughout the bargaining campaign and is one they can and should be proud of.

Agency Ballot Results

A table showing agency ballot results can be viewed here.

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