We all want to feel like we’ve done something truly meaningful and significant to change things for the better.

By working together, our union’s members have a strong and powerful collective voice to advocate and campaign for positive change.

The CPSU is a union led from the workplace. That means our members have a strong voice and are given lots of opportunities to have their say in the direction and priorities of all our collective campaigns. Members are encouraged and supported to get more involved and active on the campaigns that matter most to them.

CPSU membership is a great way to access mentoring and support to develop your campaigning and advocacy skills to get results on the issues that you care about.

Protection and support at work

As a CPSU member, you will receive specialist advice and support whenever you need it.

Our highly trained staff and network of workplace delegates can answer questions and provide advice, support and representation on:

  • pay, allowances and superannuation
  • your agreement, policy and legislation
  • leave and hours of work
  • performance and career development
  • health and safety issues
  • workplace conflict, harassment and bullying
  • code of conduct issues
  • workers’ compensation, and
  • any other workplace matter.

Better wages, better conditions

When CPSU members join together in the workplace to negotiate, they get a better deal. The more members we have, the more we can achieve together.

With CPSU negotiated agreements, staff are more likely to get:

  • real wage increases
  • better sick leave and holiday entitlements
  • greater access to benefits such as family-friendly conditions and paid maternity leave
  • better health and safety standards.

Protecting your rights

The CPSU is always working to protect the hard-won conditions and benefits members enjoy at work. Members can make a difference in their workplace and in their community by joining in these campaigns.

We believe every worker deserves:

  • dignity and respect
  • a safe and sustainable workplace
  • decent pay and conditions
  • rights at work
  • a balanced working life.

Together we provide a voice for all workers. We also support and promote a strong and independent public sector.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to join the CPSU.

Political campaigning

Some issues can only be won in the public domain, by making sure that governments make good decisions about the public services that we all rely on.

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Member Service Centre

The MSC is staffed by fully-trained industrial organisers who specialise in a wide range of technical matters to ensure members get the best and most current advice.

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Careers at the CPSU

Work side by side with other CPSU members to make our workplaces and communities fairer.

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Are you a leader?

Workplace delegates are the face of the CPSU in workplaces and becoming a delegate is a great way to develop your communication, problem solving and negotiation skills.

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