ATO employees

We recommend you vote NO to the ATO’s proposed enterprise agreement

There are lots of reasons, this season, to vote NO. Whatever your decision we want it to be an informed one.

Here’s a general summary of the ATO offer and why we are recommending you vote NO. CPSU members can see the detailed online clause by clause analysis.

Voting – ATO has contracted the vote to ORIMA Research. If you have issues voting, call them on 1800 654 585 between 8.30am EDT and 7.00pm EDT Monday to Friday. If you will be on leave for the voting period, contact ATO People as a priority and register to get voting information at your personal email address.

CPSU members have made a real difference to securing improvements in the ATO’s offer. Imagine how much more we could do with you in our union. I encourage you to join the CPSU today.

Reasons, this season, to vote NO

  1. The ATO’s third offer does remove current rights and conditions.
  2. Some of those rights and conditions are relegated to policy while some have been cut altogether. CPSU members can see issue specific factsheets for more information.
  3. The pay offer equates to about 1% a year if you factor in the delays. The offer is 3% on commencement, 2% twelve months later and 1% after 24 months. That offer includes rolling in the Health and Wellbeing Allowance.
  4. It fails to deliver pre-decision consultation and accountable dispute settlement provisions that are fundamental workplace rights.
  5.  It’s missing a commitment to realistic performance goals within your control and clear timeframes and guidance for informal performance support.

Senate Inquiry into public service bargaining

The Committee got 637 submissions from individuals and groups, many hundreds from CPSU members. Overwhelmingly, those submissions show exactly how the workplace bargaining policy has affected ordinary workers and their families.

By now you’ll have seen that the Senate Committee report outlines some damning findings about the Turnbull Government’s approach and recommends the Government change its approach to bargaining so that the dispute can be resolved.

In a disappointing but unsurprising first reaction, Minister Cash and John Lloyd are predictably talking tough. I am hearing this has just made many workers angrier.

In its final report the Inquiry’s Chairman Senator Gavin Marshall says:

The Turnbull Government’s bargaining policy “is not only cruel and heartless… but has also been an abject failure in terms of facilitating and concluding genuine bargaining negotiations.”(p63)

“In the interests of both the APS and the broader community, this bargaining dispute needs to be resolved as a matter of urgency. Accordingly, the Government should moderate its approach and amend the bargaining policy.” (p64)

We are calling on the Turnbull Government to fully and immediately implement the recommendations of this Senate Inquiry.

Voting NO on the ATO’s proposed enterprise agreement will continue the pressure on Government to fix its approach to bargaining and for ATO management to deliver a sensible outcome for ATO workers.

In unity

Melissa Donnelly, CPSU Deputy Secretary

PS CPSU has launched a petition calling for the Government to fully and immediately act on the recommendations. Every signature counts - sign here now.

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