Read the DVA Insecure Jobs Report  

Between September and November 2022, CPSU members conducted a WHS Secure Jobs Audit to assess and better understand the impacts of the high prevalence of insecure employment in the Department and how it impacts on the health and wellbeing of members.

DVA workers identified 3 standout issues in our 2022 WHS Secure Jobs Audit

  1. Insecure forms of work are still prevalent in DVA. DVA have confirmed that as of 31 January 2023, there are 861 APS staff on non-ongoing contracts and 861 staff engaged on labour hire contracts out of a total DVA headcount of 3973.
  2. Workers in insecure roles, both APS non-ongoing and non-APS, do not feel they are able to raise concerns about work-related issues such as bullying and harassment, the adequacy of training, and lack of control over how their work is done, due to fears for their job security
  3. Insecure work in the Department is a psychosocial hazard as has been identified by EY Report. Our survey findings indicated 61% of respondents on a temporary contract experience negative impacts on their health and wellbeing because of the nature of their work.

The CPSU is calling on DVA to urgently address the still unacceptably high prevalence of insecure work in the Department particularly the use of non-APS labour to undertake what are core, ongoing APS duties.