We all want to feel like we’ve done something truly meaningful and significant to change things for the better.

By working together, CPSU members have a strong and powerful collective voice to advocate and campaign for better workplaces and a fairer society.

Our members work to ensure workers are safe, have fair rights, pay and conditions, and a have a say on the issues that matter to them.

You can be part of that. We know strong union workplaces deliver better conditions, working lives and safer workplaces.

Our strength comes from our membership. By joining our union, you come together with workers from all walks of life.

We make sure you have opportunities to get involved on the issues you care about and have a say in the direction and priorities of our collective campaigns – CPSU membership gives you a voice.

As a CPSU member, you also receive specialist advice and support whenever you need it.

Our highly trained staff and network of workplace delegates can answer your questions and provide advice, support and representation.

By joining the CPSU, you play an important role in the work we do every day to represent, support and advocate for workers, for public services, and for our communities.

Working together, we can achieve positive change on a huge range of issues. The more members we have, the more we can achieve together.

Let's work together