Alison Butcher - Section Councillor, CPSU Bargaining Team member, friend and comrade - has passed away.

Ali was a fierce advocate for her fellow workers and a vibrant part of our union. As CPSU Section Councillor, delegate, member of the CPSU bargaining team and a representative for members in relation to PACE, Ali fought hard to improve to lives of NDIA workers, and to improve the strength of our union.

She was a passionate activist in the workplace and community on family and domestic violence. Ali tirelessly fought to improve outcomes for those experiencing and impacted by family and domestic violence.

Her plain talking to management was a sight to behold. We will miss her terribly.

Please reach out and seek support as needed in relation to this news.

NDIA support arrangements:

APS employees can contact (TELUS Health) on 1300 364 364 anytime including after hours, weekends and public holidays.

Labour hire staff can contact their labour hire agency to find out more about their EAP.

Management have placed further information on the Well+ page. They also encourage employees to reach out to their team leader as needed.

CPSU contact:

Should you need support beyond managements advice contact the CPSU members services centre on 1300 137 636