Download a timeline of your recent wins to share with your colleagues

CPSU members have been working together to win for all NTPS workers.

Massive wages win

CPSU members took the government to Fair Work for failure to implement the wages policy and as a result, public servants were able to access both a salary increase and a lump sum bonus, adding approximately 42 million dollars to member’s income.

Chief Correctional Officer's determination

CPSU delegates saw pay increases worth over 1.5 million dollars in 2023 to ensure pay parity.

Transit Safety Officers paid meal breaks

The transit safety unit successfully lobbied government to have all their meal breaks paid.

Dental officers win allowances in Enterprise Agreement

CPSU dental officer members won significant new allowances worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Millions in backpay at NT Department of Education

A total of 2.5 million dollars in backpay was awarded to 5 workers after a CPSU member and their union raised concerns about a determination on their entitlements.

Shift penalties win

The CPSU took NTPS to Fair Work on behalf of NTPS shift workers and won. Fair Work ruled that shift workers who are rostered to work on a public holiday, but who are on recreation leave, should be paid the relevant public holiday penalties for the public holiday without deduction of recreation leave.

Berrimah Farm Library saved from closure

CPSU members successfully campaigned to stop the closure of Berrimah Farm Library - a win for NTPS workers and the community.

NTPS wage freeze melted

Sustained campaigning by CPSU members led to the NT Government reversing its wage freeze policy.

Royal Darwin Hospital Library stays open

Campaigning by CPSU members stopped the closure of the Royal Darwin Hospital library, saving jobs and access to an important medical resource.

Higher duties allowance at Bushfires NT

Workers were able to access higher duties allowance thanks to a dispute raised by CPSU members.

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy workers win on shift work

CPSU members working in ocupational therapy and physio at the Department of Health reversed a decison to force them onto shift work after a dispute over lack of consultation.

Permanent jobs at NT Department Of health

In 2020 CPSU members successfully campaigned to convert temporary contracts to permanent jobs at the Department of Health.

Remote Housing Team contracts extended

CPSU members in the remote housing team won contract extensions as a result of collective action.

Youth Justice Officers win on WHS

CPSU members working as Youth Justice Officers won stronger workplace health and safety structures across their workplaces including the election of health and safety reps and WHS committees.