We believe that employees should be able to access flexible working conditions, including working from home and hybrid work, without undue restrictions.

We know from research the CPSU undertook with Central Queensland University and UNSW, that overly rigid or restrictive approaches to flexible work are counterproductive and even have a negative impact on morale.

Employees should be able to make requests for flexible work, including changes in hours of work, patterns of work, and the location of work, and the APS should be looking to new and innovative ways of achieving flexibility.

Working during the pandemic: The future of work is hybrid

Widescale access to working from home during COVID-19 has allowed the public sector to respond to the pandemic and support the Australian community. It has changed the world of work as we know it, opening up opportunities for flexible work.

For the second time the CPSU has collaborated with researchers Professor Linda Colley, Central Queensland University, and Associate Professor Sue Williamson, UNSW Canberra, to gather data about the experience of public sector employees working from home.

This research forms the basis of the 2022 report Working during the pandemic: The future of work is hybrid.

Read the full Report and our CPSU Analysis

How does your agency stack up?

The CPSU has been campaigning across the APS to improve working from home policies and to ensure that working from home continues to be available where employees want it. Find out how your agency’s policy currently stacks up. Together, we will continue to push for improvements and greater flexibility for employees.

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