Services Australia consulted with staff about an updated Flexible Work Arrangements Policy last year.

That policy includes provisions around accessing working from home and the updated policy is yet to see the light of day.

The CPSU is raising access to working from home in every forum we can. Services Australia are saying that lots of staff have working from home agreements in place but members and delegates are reporting some real difficulties in the workplace, with real differences between different parts of the business.

If you want to apply to work from home, or have applied and are having problems, please contact the CPSU Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 to get advice on maximising your chances of success.

Working from Home as a COVID control measure

Working from home remains available for workers who are at higher risk of COVID or caring for someone who is at higher risk. According to Services Australia’s “High-risk staff: Staying COVIDSafe”guidelines:

  • Managers may continue to support short-term home-based work due to serious medical conditions.
  • Managers should make decisions based on individual risk factors, transmission levels, the nature of the work and safety controls.

Members are reporting issues accessing this control measure. Please contact your organiser or the Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 for support.

Working from Home requests for all other reasons

Your rights to access working from home depend on your personal circumstances. The reasons for your request can:

  • Change, the basis for Services Australia being able to deny a request;
  • Alter how quickly Services Australia needs to respond to you; and
  • The information it needs to provide to you in response to your request.

For this reason, we strongly suggest anyone considering making a Working From Home Request, talk to your delegate and get advice from the Member Service Centre on 1300 137 636 before you make your application.

Because it is important you give your application the best chance, Home Based Work and Home Based Work Application Factsheets are available to help you know your rights!

You have made it clear, winning better access to working from home really matters.

Keep an eye out for more information as it comes to hand and you can contact the CPSU at [email protected] to give your feedback.