Working during the pandemic: The future of work is hybrid

Widescale access to working from home during COVID-19 has allowed the public sector to respond to the pandemic and support the Australian community. It has changed the world of work as we know it, opening up opportunities for flexible work.

For the second time the CPSU has collaborated with researchers Professor Linda Colley, Central Queensland University, and Associate Professor Sue Williamson, UNSW Canberra, to gather data about the experience of public sector employees working from home.

This research forms the basis of the 2022 report Working during the pandemic: The future of work is hybrid.

Read the full Report and our CPSU Analysis


COVID-19 and work 

Is your workplace COVID-safe?

In circumstances where employees have to attend the workplace, employers must manage risks associated with COVID-19 transmission. This means that all reasonably practicable steps to minimise COVID-19 risks must be taken by your agency.

The CPSU is working with employers to ensure that any return to workplaces is done safely and sensibly.

CPSU delegates and health and safety representatives (HSRs) will complete our comprehensive Return to Work checklist  to assess the safety of members in their workplaces, and to raise and resolve any issues. There are also new factsheets on COVID-aware workplaces for you.

We know that we can get through this together – and your union is here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or advice.

Our Member Service Centre is open 8am – 8pm (Sydney time) Monday - Friday. Call 1300 137 636 or email [email protected].

Working from home policies

There are some differences between agencies, roles and locations, however we’re working to ensure that working from home is made available as widely as possible.

CPSU members are looking for agreed policies that provide the right culture, mechanisms and practices to support employees and supervisors to facilitate WFH arrangements.

How does your agency stack up?

The CPSU has been campaigning across the APS to improve working from home policies and to ensure that working from home continues to be available where employees want it. Find out how your agency’s policy currently stacks up. Together, we will continue to push for improvements and greater flexibility for employees.

Compare your agency’s policy with other agencies .

Agency scorecards

These score cards provide a detailed analysis of your agency’s current working from home policy. Click on your agency name below to see your agency’s scorecard. If your agency is not listed, please contact your CPSU organiser. 


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Your health and wellbeing

We can call these times we find ourselves in many things - challenging, unprecedented, anxious – and all are true.

This is a public health challenge and the solution to preventing physical illness presents many mental health challenges. We've compiled some contact details and resources  to support you during the pandemic. You can also download this information as a pdf factsheet.

You may be physically isolated, but you are not alone.

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